METRAD is a new X-Band weather radar with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. These features allow the METRAD to detect even the weakest hydro-meteorological targets such as drizzle or light snow.

The compact size and portability of the X-Band system make it an excellent choice for both quick fixed installation and rapid deployment to the operation site.

Precise Measurement

The system meets a wide range of needs such as instant forecasting, flood and hail warnings, scientific research and coverage of geographically blind areas by detecting situations that C Band radars cannot detect, thanks to the use of full caliber and dual-polarization STAR (Simultaneous Transmit and Receive) topology, which is the most advanced 16-bit signal processing unit and the use of meteorological radar algorithms optimized in X Band.

Meteorological Data

When using METRAD as a Terminal Doppler Weather Radar at both civil and military airports; it possible to detect not only hydro-meteorological targets but also microbursts or gust fronts in rainy weather with the optional Wind Products Software Package.

METRAD has been designed in the LRU concept in order to enable the user or maintenance personnel to easily access the defective equipment and quickly replace the broken parts with active parts.

The inverted U-shaped radome is optimized for producing minimal cross-polarization and differential phase value at all angles at polarimetric applications. Also, the pedestal makes full hemispherical coverage and very precise antenna positioning possible.