Electronic Warfare Systems

The main field of expertise of our company is Electronic Warfare Systems. With our staff specialized in procurement, operation, supply of spare parts, technical support, supplying and training of specialized personnel for air defense systems intended for Electronic Warfare, maximum effort is shown to improve the electronic warfare and self-protection functions of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The sample list of the spare parts of Electronic Warfare Systems that we supply within the scope of logistic support is presented below.


(МИ-514, МИ-332, МИ-207, МИ-184, МИ-148, МИ-287, МИ-215, МИ-242, vb. )


(KУ-314A, K-106БP, KУ-104A, K-62BP, K-78AP, К-61P, К-93P, К-97P, KУ-143, KУ-144, KУ-145, KГ-16, KГ-15, KИУ-70, КУ-339, КУ-339 ББ1, КГ-3, КИУ-43, КУ-137, ОВУ-3-1, КУ-153, КУ-353, КИУ-97, vb. )

Travelling Wave Tube

(40093A, 40076A, 40075H, УВ-67, УВ-75Г, TC3.323.352TУ, УВ-98А, УВ-45)

  • 5Panel, Amplifier
  • 5Electric Motor
  • 5Magnetron
  • 5Transformer
  • 5Connector
  • 5Vacuum Tube
  • 5Contactor
  • 5Time Relay
  • 5Relay
  • 5Panel, Generator Panel
  • 5Teknik Destek / Danışmanlık
  • 5Panel, Coarse Sweep Amplifier
  • 5Togglee Swicth
  • 5Tachogenerator
  • 5Thyratron
  • 5Rectifier Stack
  • 5Detector
  • 5Stabilizer
  • 5Unit, Amplifier Unit
  • 5Regulator Pump
  • 5Valve of Connector
  • 5Unit, Frekans Selection Filter
  • 5Protection and Control Device
  • 5Microcircuit
  • 5Attenuator